By Victor Uyanwanne

Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein.

Use your imagination
It is the world of no limitation
When you get your thoughts limited
You get yourself really cheated.

Use your imagination
It’s a free world of no nation
You don’t need a visa to get in
Neither a permit to work therein.


LOGIC will get you from A to B. IMAGINATION will take you EVERYWHERE – Albert Einstein

Use your imagination
Subject all negatives to incineration
In your mind begin to form the picture
Of your earnestly desired future.

Use your imagination
Let it be your decision
To think better of yourself
Than an old book on a shelf.

Live out of your life imagination, not your history – Steve Covey

Use your imagination
To the point of combustion
So you can produce the energy
That gives you life’s synergy.

Use your imagination
Clear out all the confusion
Reach for the happiness of life
Eliminate all manner of strife.

Use your imagination
Don’t be under compulsion
Learn to use it willingly
You’ll get the benefits steadily.

…If we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless –Jamie Paolinetti

Use your imagination
Change your life beyond comprehension
It doesn’t happen overnight
But it is the beginning of the good fight.

Use your imagination
See yourself, in life, change position
You know you can hardly feature
In the future you don’t picture.

The man who has no imagination has no wings – Mohammed Ali

Use your imagination
You may experience some interruption
But don’t give up
Do your best to stay up.

Use your imagination
Bring yourself out of seclusion
Experience the world called ‘wonderful’
And begin to live life to the full.

Albert Einstein.



©Copyright 2015│Victor Uyanwanne