3 People In The Bible That Didn’t See Death

Enoch, Elijah, Jesu Christ

Every human being alive will die someday. As they say, “Death is the end of all men on earth.” But is it?

In the Bible, we have some people that either didn’t see physical death or defeated it. While I can find two people who didn’t die and who were never buried on earth, there was only one person who died but conquered the power of death forever.

  • Enoch didn’t die, but God took him.
  • Elijah didn’t see death, he was taken up by a heavenly chariot.
  • Jesus saw death, but He conquered it.

Jesus’ case is a bit different from that of Enoch and Elijah in that unlike Jesus, they both didn’t see death at all. But Jesus ‘saw’ death and He overcame it, eternally.

Let me take on each of the mentioned characters a little deeper.

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