Covid 19 Pandemic: Beyond The Conspiracy Theories

The novel coronavirus also known as covid 19 is still ravaging various parts of the world. Although concerted efforts are being made to contain the pandemic, the global picture is still very gloomy.

For a disease as deadly as the coronavirus pandemic, it will make a lot of sense for us to figure out and be absolutely sure what caused it – for posterity sake.

But going by various reports monitored on social media, there is hardly a worldwide consensus as to the actual cause of the disease. As a result, several conspiracy theories exist…

Right or wrong, many people believe that the deadly strain of virus causing the pandemic was passed from wild animals to humans. This was the report that came of out Wuhan City, China, where the disease was reported to have originated from.

In addition, there are also insinuations in some quarters that the virus is nothing but a secretly contrived biological weapon that couldn’t be contained any more.

Some other people called it a covert chemical weapon development experiment that backfired.

There was also another theory that the covid 19 pandemic is nothing but the hazardous radiation consequence of the 5G communication technology purportedly deployed in some cities of the world.

It is not for me to argue here whether or not these claims are correct. It is a matter of time, the truth will be fully revealed.

But beyond the so-called conspiracy theories surrounding the remote cause of the covid 19 pandemic, no one can deny that there was an actual disease outbreak across the world that is making actual human beings suffer, leading to actual multiple deaths and actual global lockdowns.

As at the time of writing this post, over two million individual cases of this deadly infection have been cumulatively reported globally. And this has resulted in actual human deaths of not less than one hundred and fifty thousand persons.

Economic effects of coronavirus pandemic

Unfortunately, those numbers are most likely to go up over the next days or weeks pending when the vaccine for the prevention and treatment of the infection is developed and made commercially available.

Consequent upon the pandemic, our lives are no longer the same as our lives have been disrupted in more ways than one.

Most cities where the disease have been reported have been placed on lockdown pending when the pandemic is contained.

“Stay safe, stay at home,” we are told. This means that we can hardly go where we want to go and when we want to go.

And no one is sure when the lockdown order will be lifted.

Global productivity is declining across world economies because most hardworking people who are supposed to be at work are now resting at home due to no fault of theirs.

We all know that, “Work from home” is a cliche that isn’t possible for all the baskets of employees presently on lockdown.

The only people that are fully engaged at this time are our health or medical workers. They are working tirelessly and risking their own lives to save the lives of those who are battling with the pandemic.

Major employers continue to pay salaries to their staff even when majority of their staff are observing the stay-at-home order. Don’t ask me how long this will be sustained!

Nations and governments of the word are humbled. Just one plague has proven that despite the hyped advances in medicine, our healthcare system is still very much challenged.

As one wag puts it, the nations of the world are prepared for war but none is prepared for a plague such as covid 19. Isn’t that an irony?

Time will fail me to begin to talk about the job losses, lost or depleted investments, and other forms of economic hardships caused by the covid 19 pandemic. We are all already feeling the impact in one way or another!

Therefore, whether or not the people of the world come to a consensus as to the actual cause of the coronavirus pandemic, none of us can deny the fact that beyond the conspiracy theories in circulation, the pandemic has adversely affected our lives in all ramifications.

And I doubt that the world will remain the same once this battle of containing the spread of the pandemic is over.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section.

Covid 19 Pandemic: Can Prayer Save The Day?

We often say in Christian circles that “prayer is the master key,” “there is nothing prayer cannot do,” “if there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer,” and so on and so forth.

All these statements underscore our strong belief in the efficacy of prayers in resolving difficult situations. And I am convinced that in our individual lives, we all have had instances where prayer saved the day for us in our moments of crisis.

That’s at a personal level. But can we extend it to a global level? I believe we can!

Right now the world is experiencing a health crisis caused by coronavirus. Many people have died already as a result of the disease.

Regrettably, more people will still die until the medical world is able to find a lasting solution to the pandemic.

For now, most health personnel and health facilities around the world have been stretched beyond bounds, yet the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is not in sight.

Is there any thing we can do as believers to help stem the tide of this evil disease? I believe there is:

We can pray!

Can prayer save the day for us in the face of a ravaging global pandemic such as covid 19? Again, I believe it can.

So it is time for all believers in Christ Jesus to join hands in prayers in order to win the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. If you have started praying already, please don’t  give up until the victory is won.

We have the assurance of God that He will hear us and intervene for us in a difficult time such as we are experiencing right now in the world.

If my people who are called by my name

Going by the various reports monitored on social media, there are already several calls to prayer coming from different cycles, ranging from pastors, concerned individuals, ministries and so on. We all need to heed the call and pray seriously against the scourge of coronavirus.

Calling people to pray against covid 19 pandemic does not mean that we want people to undermine the essense of taking medical precautions against the disease. But they should pray in spite of having observed necessary medical precautions.

The people of the world may scoff at us for resorting to prayers, but we should not mind them; our prayer is to our God and not to them.

David realised the importance of praying to God in the middle of a national health crisis like the covid 19 pandemic and so should we. The story is there recorded in 2 Samuel chapter 24 for us to read and learn from.

From what we understood from that chapter, a terrible plague had broken out in the land as a result of David’s seemingly innocuous mistake. And I dare say that the disease was more devastating than the currently prevailing covid 19 pandemic.

How would I know that? The record in the Bible shows that the disease was so terrible that in less than three days, it had killed seventy thousand able-bodied men nationwide.

More deaths would have been recorded if David had not intervened in prayer to God. You see why we should resort to the prayer strategy?

How was the plague in king David’s era stopped? David’s spiritual eyes were opened and he saw that everyone in the city of Jerusalem was about to be destroyed as a result of the rampaging pandemic.

This knowledge led him to have an honest ‘conversation’ with God, during which he took personal responsibility for causing the plague, confessed his sins, made an acceptable sacrifice to God, pleaded with Him to intervene and the plague stopped.

In other words, the ravaging plague was held back after David prayed to the living God. So if you want the covid 19 plague to be held back, then it’s time we prayed sincerely.

As at the time of writing this post, global deaths due to Covid 19 is already above the sixty thousand mark but still less than the seventy thousand deaths that were recorded in David’s time.

Covid 19 global updates

Despite these recorded deaths, is there any hope that the convid 19 pandemic can be contained? I believe there is.

That’s why we should add the strategy of prayer to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

While the medical world continues to battle the disease and works round the clock to find a cure or a lasting solution to it, we believers in the true God should ‘cry’ out to God for divine help; help to stop further deaths, help to stop further spread of the disease and ultimately help to completely wipe out this pandemic called covid 19.

What’s your view about the call to prayer against the covid 19 pandemic?