A Sympathy Poem to the Bereaved Children of a Friend

A Sympathy Poem to the Children Whose Mum Died

In moments like these, when shadows fall,
And grief’s heavy cloud casts its pall,
I stand by your side, my heart reaching out,
To console your souls, dispelling doubt.

A woman of grace, a pastor’s dear wife,
A beacon of love, a light in this life,
She touched every heart with kindness so pure,
Her spirit endures, of that, you can be sure.

Her laughter was like music, her smile like the sun,
In her presence, a battle was fought and won,
With faith as her anchor, she weathered life’s storms,
A testament to grace, in all its forms.

To you, her beloved children, she gave so much,
Her wisdom and guidance, her tender touch,
She nurtured your spirits, she held you tight,
In her love’s embrace, you found your light.

As the wife of a pastor, her devotion was strong,
Her faith unwavering, her hope a sweet song,
She led by example, with compassion and care,
A love that extended beyond what was fair.

And now, as you grieve for the one you hold dear,
Know that her essence lives on, ever near,
In the memories shared, in the lessons she taught,
In the love that remains, never to be forgotten.

Lean on each other, for the family is strong,
Together, you’ll heal, though the road may be long,
Her spirit surrounds you, a guiding embrace,
As you navigate life, with each step, you’ll retrace.

So let tears flow like rain, let your sorrows be known,
For in mourning, your hearts and souls will be sown,
But remember her love, like a beacon of light,
Guiding you through both the day and the night.

In this time of sorrow, remember her grace,
The love in her eyes and the smile on her face,
She lives on through you, her legacy is true,
A mother, a wife, forever in you.

And as time passes, may your pain gently wane,
Leaving room for the love and the joy to remain,
For she’s not truly gone, but forever will be,
In the love that you share, the memories that you set free.

This is a sympathy poem to the children of a friend whose wife died.

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