A Sympathy Poem to a Bereaved Friend

A Sympathy Poem to a Friend whose wife died

In this time of darkness, my dear friend,
When sadness clouds each day, we can’t comprehend,
The sorrow that grips your heart so tight,
For your beloved wife who’s taken the eternal flight.

But from the depths of pain, do not despair,
For upon your spirit, burdens God will bear,
God is your peace in the midst of storm,
A gentle embrace, to keep your heart warm.

In days of doubt, when hope feels far away,
Remember, His light will guide you, come what may,
For God is your hope in doubt’s treacherous sea,
Leading you to shores of immense tranquility.

When weakness overtakes you, my dearest friend,
Know that God’s strength will surely descend,
He shall uplift you when your strength is faint,
And mend your spirit, as He renews your faith.

Though she’s departed, your love’s ultimate reward,
Her memory cherished, in every thought, every chord,
Take solace in the joy she brought to your life,
And know she soars above, free from pain and strife.

For in every moment, as you navigate this grief,
Keep faith in God, the ultimate relief,
He is beside you, every step of the way,
Embracing you, as you wake and as you lay.

In this poem of solace, my dear friend,
Know that true compassion knows no end,
May your heart find peace as time goes by,
And may God’s love and comfort, your spirit fortify.

This is a sympathy poem to a friend whose wife died.

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