5 Simple Ways to Honour Your Father on Fathers’ Day

Father's day

It’s that time of the year when we celebrate our fathers – on Fathers’ Day, every third Sunday in the Month of June.

Why Fathers’ Day?

It is the day set aside to honour fathers around the world for their positive influences in our lives and their immense contribution to the society.

Despite the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic, we can still celebrate our Fathers. The lockdown should not make us forget them on Fathers’ Day.

We all have fathers or father-figures in our lives. Let’s do something special to honour or appreciate them; show immense gratitude to them.

Talking about gratitude, we can begin with a heart of gratitude to our Heavenly Father, God. He alone deserves all praises, glory and adoration forever and ever.

And to our earthly fathers, this is the time to show them love, I mean special love. Let’s remember them in our prayers and also reach out to them with our material blessings.

Can you remember the countless times your daddy bought gifts for you when you were growing up? He bought gifts for you on your birthdays when you were celebrating and sometimes when you weren’t even celebrating anything.

Fathers are special but they remain under-appreciated.

They spend their lives protecting, providing and guiding us in life.

Even if you no longer have a living father, there must be someone in your life that you see as a father-figure. Reach out and honour him on this occasion of Fathers’ Day.

I wish I could list all the things you could do to honour your daddy on Fathers’ Day. But I believe you can thoughtfully come up with simple or creative ways to do so.

If you are still stuck, let me give you a few more suggestions:

5 Simple ways to honour your Father and father-figures on Fathers’ Day

1. Call him on that day

…to wish him a happy Fathers’ Day. This call is particularly necessary if you don’t live  in the same city with him any more, or if you can’t physically visit him as a result of the  restriction in movement in some places occasioned by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Just call and tell your dad that he still means a lot to you. Or doesn’t he?

2. Buy him a special gift

Think of something special your dad will appreciate as a gift and have it presented to him this time.

Even if it’s something he can afford on his own, you will still be appreciated for the thoughtful act.

3. Serve him a special meal

Men like it when delicious meals are specially served to them. And your dad is not an exception. On this father’s day, prepare your dad a special meal. If he likes eating out, you can give him a treat away from his dinner table.

Does he have a favourite restaurant he has been longing to go? If yes, end that longing and make it a real experience for him.

4. Visit him with your kids

Visiting your dad with his grand kids on Fathers’ Day is not a bad idea. Lovely memories will be created from such visits.

I’m yet to see a dad who wouldn’t like his grandchildren to visit him. So to honour your father on this Fathers’ Day, you can take your children to visit their grand father.

5. Spend quality time with him

When was the last time you were in your Father’s presence for at least two hours in a row?

I know life is demanding and so you haven’t really had the time to be with your daddy as much as you would want. Now let this Fathers’ Day be a good excuse for you to bridge the gap.

The point has already been made: it’s Fathers’ Day, so honour the fathers and father-figures in your life, with special honour.

Show them you love them. Make them feel special because they are!

Do whatever is within your capacity to make your dad (or the father-figures in your life) feel special.

In what other ways can we honour fathers on Fathers’ Day? Let the conversation continue in the comment section.

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