Six Different Tests You Can Use When Making Decisions (According to Pastor Rick Warren)

How to make beneficial decisions

Every day you are presented with the opportunity to make certain decisions. Sometimes, you know what to do and sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes your decisions come out good and you are glad. But sometimes, your decisions bring you nothing but guilt and shame, of which you are sad.

How can you avoid the trap of making those decisions that will make you regret at the end of the day?

Are there simple checks you can carry out to be sure you will not make decisions that end up bringing you shame and guilt? The answer to that question is ‘yes’.

This post will get you (more) aquainted with the necessary questions you should ask yourself before committing to a decision.

In his Daily Hope Devotional, best-selling author, pastor Rick Warren outlines six different tests you can use when making decisions:

1. Ideal Test

Is this in harmony with God’s Word?
For many decisions, the Bible offers instructions or a clear principle to follow. When you’re making a decision, consider whether God’s Word speaks directly to what you should do.

2. Integrity Test

Would I want everyone to know about this decision that I’m making?
When you’re a person of integrity, who you are on the inside matches who you are on the outside. Who you are in private is the same as who you are in public.

3. Improvement Test

Will this make me a better person?
In your life, you often won’t be choosing between good and evil, but between better and best. Have a high standard and fill your life with the best.

4. Independence Test

Could this begin to control and dominate my life?
Even if something isn’t bad on the surface, it’s bad for you if it becomes an addiction. Christ is the only one who deserves control in your life.

5. Influence Test

Will this harm other people?
Our culture asks: What do you need? But God demands that you think of other people, too. If a decision you make will harm other people, it’s the wrong decision.

6. Investment Test

Is this the best use of my time?
You don’t have time for everything, and God doesn’t expect you to do everything. Figure out the mission God has for you. Invest your time in that.

Which one of the above tests appeals to you most? Share your thoughts in a comment.

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