20+ Questions To Help You Re-strategise For Life After The Lockdown

After the lockdown

Hopefully, the current lockdown will soon come to an end. But while it lasts, take some time out to re-strategise for your life after the lockdown.

Here are a few questions to help you re-strategise for the life after covid 19 lockdown:

1. Are you going to continue in paid employment or you will resign to start a business?

2. If you are in business, should you close down your business (not recommended) or sell it off and go back to paid employment?

3. Which relationships are you going to develop or discontinue after the lockdown? (divorce is not recommended).

4. Are you going to make a career change from one industry to another or you will remain where you are?

5. In addition to your current job or business, what other things can you do legitimately in order to improve your cashflow?

6. If you are working at a geographical location different from where your family is based, are you ready to relocate so you can be with your family?

7. Were you satisfied with the way your government, or employer responded to the challenge posed by covid 19? If your answer is no, what are your suggestions for them to do better?

Life after a lockdown

8. What are the vital lessons you learnt during the lockdown period that you can apply afterwards in your life?

9. Did you develop any business idea during the lockdown? If your answer is yes, have you written the business plan?

10. Based on your experience of working at home during the lockdown, are you going to change the way you work so that you can work more or less hours from home?

11. In what ways are you going to reorder your priorities after the experience of lockdown?

12. How did the covid 19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown affect your belief in the existence (or non-existence) of God?

13. Did it ever cross your mind that ‘what if you had contracted and died from the coronavirus disease’?

14. How has the covid 19 lockdown changed personal views about life?

Investment decisions post covid 19 pandemic.

15. Base on what you are going through in the lockdown, what will be the direction of your future financial investments?

16. Are you going to retain or sell off your existing investment portfolios?

17. Are you going to relocate your family to another state or country?

18. Will you take any vacations again throughout this year?

19. Which extra curricular activity did you engage in during the lockdown period that you want to continue to do post-lockdown?

Maximizing your life during a lockdown

20. Did you establish any physical exercise routine that you would love to continue after the lockdown?

21. Did you put on so much weight during the lockdown that you would want to shed some afterwards?

22. Was there any bad social habit (smoking, alcohol drinking, late-night keeping, infidelity etc) you quit during the lockdown period that you don’t want to go back to?

23. Did you write any article, e-book, book during the lockdown that you intend to publish? If yes, what’s the plan to have it published?

24. How productive were you as a writer, or blogger during the lockdown?

I hope you found any of the questions helpful in deciding how you want your life to look like once the lockdown is over. My humble advice is that whatever happens afterwards, make sure your life comes out better (not worse) than it was before the lockdown.

Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “20+ Questions To Help You Re-strategise For Life After The Lockdown

  1. mimispassion 13 April 2020 / 6:01 PM

    These are great internal conversation starters for strategizing for life after the lockdown. Thanks for sharing

    • VictorsCorner 13 April 2020 / 6:48 PM

      Thanks Mimi. Your feedback is appreciated.

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