Valentine’s Day Celebration: How Do You Spell Valentine?

What Valentine's Day celebration means

What does Valentine’s Day celebration mean to you? Is it important to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Christian?

Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate love. So they say, but I have observed that too much emphasis is usually placed on romantic love at the expense of love as a virtue.

I would like to ask you: How do you spell Valentine? In other words, what does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Lovers’ day or what?

Some people say Valentine’s day is Lovers’ Day. So if you are not married or not in a romantic relationship, you shouldn’t celebrate it?

Well, your answer to that question depends on what you believe. As you know, your beliefs affect the things you do and how you do them.

However, if you are believer in Christ, you should already know that you should not be involved in some of the activities carried out in the name of Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s day celebration – believer’s perspective

If you are a believer in Christ like I am, you know the word of God should guide you in whatever you do – including Valentine’s Day celebrations.

For instance, if you are not married and you are open to observing the Valentine’s Day celebration, you should know that sex should not be on the table as part of the activities to mark the day.

Don’t you know the reason? Sex is permitted by God only within the confines of marriage. Therefore, as a follower of Jesus Christ, if you are not married yet, you have no business with sex – whether it is Valentine’s Day or not.

As unpopular as that opinion may sound today, sexual purity is part of what is required of us as followers of Jesus Christ. You are in disobedience if you think or do otherwise.

Valentine’s day celebration -the choice is yours

I’m not suggesting you should or should not celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. The choice is entirely up to you. But if you hope to please God with your life, you will agree with me you will not celebrate it with reckless abandon.

Maybe your experience differs from mine, and that’s fine! That’s why I’m writing this post. I will be glad to hear from you about what Valentine’s Day means to you.

Until recently, I did not take part in the Saint Valentine’s Day celebration. The reason was that they modelled it around me in a way that went contrary to my ‘moral’ upbringing (forgive me if that sounds like pride).

When I was growing up, Valentine’s Day was about hooking up with a boy or girl, attending parties, and even having sex with your boy or girlfriend. But none of those activities appealed to some of us young believers in Christ then. So we thought Saint Valentine’s Day was not worth celebrating.

How the equation changed for me

Later in life, I met my wife and discovered that, unlike me, she cared a little about Valentine’s Day. Not in any evil way, but in the way of sharing thoughts of love with people that mattered to you, by giving them gifts or being with them. So I quickly keyed.

Since then, on every Valentine’s Day, I get her a little gift to “show” my feelings of love towards her, with no elaborate celebrations. And that’s all there is for me.

I remember there was a year when all I could get her was a strand of roses I bought off the shelf in a supermarket. The most important thing was that I showed her I cared (and I still do).

You may say I could do better than that. Yes, you are probably right, but please let’s leave that discussion for another day.

As a Christian, you may choose to celebrate the holiday or not, based on your personal beliefs and values. Some Christians may see it as an opportunity to express love and appreciation for others, while others may view it as a holiday that is focused on activities that are contrary to their moral alignment.


Ultimately, the decision to celebrate or not celebrate Valentine’s Day is personal and should be based on your own beliefs and values.

However, if they say Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, then we should not make it all about romance and sex. (That’s fine if you are married.) It should be about love in the truest sense of it: loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbour as yourself.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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