Has God Heard From You In a While?


I recently watched a movie that inspired the title of this post. It was about a best–selling author who suddenly began to face unexpected personal and financial challenges.

Missed writing deadlines, tax issues, relationship break downs, debts, etc. were some of the pressing issues she was seen to be grappling with. All these made her insensitive, irritable, rude, cold-hearted and unproductive – to the dismay of her friends and family.

The good part was that she knew things weren’t going on so well with her. she tried to concoct various plans as quick-fixes for her nagging problems.

At one point she seriously contemplated ‘relocating’ to another continent (from America to Africa) to have more time for herself. But she never went through with the plan.

In another occasion, she tried selling off her father’s restaurant business in order to raise the needed funds to settle her outstanding tax and other financial obligations that threatened to have her being put behind prison bars. But her parents opposed this idea very strongly, assuring her that there must be better ways of handling the issues.

Now this is where I am going…

In the heat of her crisis and rejection, this protagonist knelt down in her room and began to sob and to pray saying, “Oh Lord, I know You have not heard from me in a while…”

In what seemed like a short but a heartfelt prayer to God, she poured out her confusion, fears, and problems before God. Although all her problems didn’t varnish all at once, it seemed that things began to work out better for her from then onward.

“Oh Lord, I know You have not heard from me in a while…” That opening line alone got me giggling aloud.

God hasn’t heard from her, or rather, she hadn’t talked to Him in weeks, in months or possibly in years. But now in her predicaments, she remembered she could still talk to God.

You see, it reminds me about people who once had a relationship with God but are now estranged from Him. God hasn’t heard from them in a while too!

May be you are even one of such people. If only you would get back to God like this woman in our discourse or like the prodigal son got back to the waiting embrace of his father. Things would be better for you again.


Do you have any comment about this post? Let’s have your opinion in the comment section.

©Copyright 2019 | Victor Uyanwanne

6 thoughts on “Has God Heard From You In a While?

  1. Ufuomaee Apr 18, 2019 / 7:18 am

    Reblogged this on Grace and Truth and commented:
    Thanks Victor, for this reminder that God is always near. It is us who create distance with all the things we put before Him and how we try to live without Him. I think this will bless many people as it did me x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ufuomaee Apr 18, 2019 / 7:16 am

    I absolutely love it. Very relatable piece 🙌


  3. musingsalonglifesjourney Apr 15, 2019 / 9:36 pm

    This post ties together two thoughts I’ve heard/read today. One is our Pastor talking about how to best fit time with the Lord into our busy lives. Another was T.R. Nobel’s take on Peter’s denial of Christ. Definitely thanks to you for combining these things I needed to hear today!

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    • VictorsCorner Apr 16, 2019 / 6:41 am

      Thank you for the feedback. I am glad that you can relate to the post. Would you like to share on your Pastor’s suggestions on “how to best fit time with the Lord into our busy lives. and “T.R. Nobel’s take on Peter’s denial of Christ.” as you referred to? I would be glad to learn from their insights.


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