Don’t Use God As An Excuse For Laziness

Ministers and secular jobs

There is an error that is gradually becoming endemic in our days.

I have seen young energetic men become lazy, laid-back, lethargic and beggarly all in the guise of pursuing God or working for God (Ministry).

Those that are married lean on their wives’ income as sole income and not complementary income to support what they bring.

The ones that are not married seek ladies with steady flow of income to hook up to thereby abusing God’s order.

Some others want their wives to stop working and take care of their children without showing them practically how they intend to provide for their homes.

This laziness has led many preachers to sell their soul by engaging in many unspeakable things to make endsmeet. They are deluded by a voice supposedly from God telling them not to work.

My concern is simple; if God tells you not to work, be sure God’s provision will always be ahead of your needs.

Paul in his missionary journey worked with his hands when there was no provision. And where there was provision, he devoted the entire time in preaching the word of God.

My heart reaches out to women that are saddled with so much burden to ensure their family have the basic needs (food, shelter, clothing and basic-education).

With all these burden, many ‘MOGs’ [Men Of God] expect their wives to perform their nuptial duties at night as and when due. Failure to do so due to fatigue has been used as an excuse for extra-marital affairs.

Let us grow up and revert to the divine order where husbands provide for their homes and wives support.

Full-time ministry is to do the work of God fully with your heart, might and strength and that is also the first commandment. This is God’s minimum requirement for all Believers.

It doesn’t hinder any Man of God from working with their hands pending when their congregation is financially solvent enough to accommodate their financial burdens.

Get this fact straight, dust your certificate, get a skill and start working.

Your heart is with God even at work. Become productive, unburden your wives and lean solely on God.


Jude Agbontaen

Jude recently posted this article on his Facebook page. I obtained his permission to share it with you here on this blog.

You may follow Jude directly via his Facebook handle for more insightful posts.

Question: Should young gospel ministers do other jobs to earn a living? What is your view?

8 thoughts on “Don’t Use God As An Excuse For Laziness

  1. Freedomborn Sep 11, 2018 / 11:24 pm

    Yes I agree with you Victor in what you shared; “Let us grow up and revert to the divine order where Husbands provide for their homes and Wives support.”

    When Ron took over as Pastor in our Church in Sydney he did not ask to be paid, he still continued to Work until he Retired and than we moved to Queensland. Yes I did part time work but was never pressured to do so and when I became more involved with Church and Ministry responsibilities I focused on these and no longer worked for for an income.

    In all my Ministries for The Lord over the years I have never asked for payment or even donations except for others, like Children in Orphanages Overseas but I have always found I had personally what was needed sometimes in remarkable ways and I still do today, yes God does indeed provide for our needs and to be able to continue to help others too.

    So yes Victor what you shared here is also very True …..”If God tells you not to work be sure God’s Provision will always be ahead of your needs”.

    Yes …. God’s work done in His way never lacks His Provision, we don’t have to beg.

    Christian Love Always Victor and God bless you greatly with all you need Spiritually and Materially – Anne.

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    • VictorsCorner Sep 12, 2018 / 5:45 am

      Amen Anne. Thanks for your prayers. You are blessed.

      I didn’t know Ron was a pastor. That means you too were deeply involved in church ministry. That’s great.

      That post Anne was shared by a Facebook friend and I got his permission to repost it. I found the message important because I have seen people who grow lazy, not taking up a job, because they feel they are called into ministry. As the post recognises, this put financial pressure on their families and they beg to survive. I feel they are not glorifying the name of God by so doing.

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      • Freedomborn Sep 15, 2018 / 8:05 am

        It’s good that you shared his Message Victor, I also have seen Pastors use the Pulpit for their own wants and so their Congregations are constantly subjected to give financially and made to feel guilty and not appreciated if they don’t measure up to their demands.

        Yes it is True as you surmised Victor, I was very much involved in Christian Ministries and I still am today but mostly now with hurting Children from Dysfunctional homes. I have been an R.E Teacher or Scripture Teacher for over 20 years now both in N.S.W and in Queensland. Most of these Children I share with today don’t have fathers living with them and so their Mothers are also hurting and as I do with their Children, I also share Jesus with them too, He is and as we know the only way to have Eternal Love, Joy and Peace.

        Previously both Ron and myself started a Ministry for those with Addictions and also help for their Families, at the same time I was a Leader and had been for 7 years with The Philosophy of Christian Womanhood, which was a wonderful foundation for me as a Christian Woman.

        When we came to live in Queensland Ron was the Associate Pastor and Worship Leader for the Church that we were attending, he has an amazing Singing voice too. I organized Pastoral Care in this Church under the Pastors Leadership and also The Prayer Chain, both were such a Blessing to be involved in. I also catered for most of the Social events for the Church and with Ron’s help also for Church Camps, cooking is something I also enjoy very much.

        I have recently been Praying Victor about starting my Christian Weight Control Groups again, I was trained in Nutrition and Weight Control by The Health Department to Lead one of their Share Groups in Sydney but decided with their Permission to help Woman who could not afford the other Diet Groups. I started and led Groups for over 20 years and trained 7 other Woman who had been successful in them to be Leaders in their own Groups around N.S.W. I’m still in contact with some of them today.

        There is also very much a need Victor to help Woman who feel unwanted in the Churches, I have talked to quiet a few who do feel this way and are hurting and some who are also confused about Christianity and have Questions that need answers too. If I do start these Groups in the future after my heart issues have been resolved, I would very much value your Prayer Support Victor.

        Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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        • VictorsCorner Sep 15, 2018 / 10:09 am

          Wow. Thanks Anne for the trouble…I can now see how deeply involved in ministry you are. May God prosper you on all sides and reward your labour of love.

          At your age, I’m marveled that you are taking on so much responsibilities with so much enthusiasm. If that’s how God is leading you, then I’m in no position to urge you to slow down. For I know you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.

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  2. Ingo Jun 6, 2018 / 10:01 pm

    There’s a time for everything, the scripture say, some men shouldn’t hide under the pretence of full time ministry and relegate their duties to their wives.

    People should learn to do the right thing at the right time

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