Birthday Reflections…

Birthday reflections
Victor flanked by colleagues at work on his birthday in 2017

Yes, it is my birthday again
I wish I’m without any stain

It comes once in every 365 days.
I wish I’ve improved in 1,000 ways.

Yes it has been a year of many gains.
But they didn’t come without any pains.

Another day to mark a personal new year.
But not that there hasn’t been a drop of tear.

Not every day of the year has been so wonderful.
But I have many reasons to be very thankful.

It’s been a year full of blessings.
And also one full of many lessons.

I pray that as my days on earth increase.
May my happiness in life never decrease.

There’s a reason I’m still alive, I suppose.
Yes, I’m here to fulfill a divine purpose.

I will always go the way my Lord chooses
Even when it is not all a bed full of roses.

Either now on in the many years ahead.
I will ever trust in the One who is my Head.

Please join me with one accord.
As I lift all the praises to God.

©Copyright 2018 | Victor Uyanwanne

9 thoughts on “Birthday Reflections…

  1. Bruce 10 May 2018 / 7:24 AM

    Happy Birthday Victor !!!

    • VictorsCorner 11 May 2018 / 6:13 AM

      Happy belated birthday, Linda. Good to know we share the same birth month.

  2. musingsalonglifesjourney 15 May 2018 / 10:38 PM

    Happy Birthday! My birthday was yesterday; several in our family have birthdays this month of May! I’m blessed to have been born on Israel’s Birthday!

    • VictorsCorner 16 May 2018 / 8:24 AM

      Congratulations to you on your birthday. Good to know we know share the same birth month. Congratulations to Israel too on their national birthday.

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