Job’s Three Friends: The Good, the Bad and the Lessons

Job's Three Friends: The Good and the Bad Things About Them (and the Lessons)

The story of Job as recorded in the Bible, tells the tale of a righteous man who was tested by God through various trials and tribulations. One of the most significant parts of the story is the introduction of Job’s three friends.

These three friends came to comfort him during his darkest hours of going through untold trials and tribulations. They played a vital role in the story, but they also have much to teach us about the nature of friendship and the human condition.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Job’s three friends, the good and bad things about them, and the lessons we can learn from their actions.

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Valentine’s Day Celebration: The Ultimate Guide for Christians

Valentine's Day - best ways for Christians to celebrate it.

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of love and affection observed on every February 14th. However, some Christians are reluctant to join in the celebration because it is often associated with secular and sometimes questionable practices.

With careful planning, Valentine’s Day can be a meaningful and enriching occasion for Christians to celebrate the gift of love in all its forms. Therefore, when you celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember that it is a celebration of love in all its forms – the love of God, the love of family, and the love of friends.

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Valentine’s Day Celebration: Should a Christian Partake in it?

Valentine's day celebration - should a Christian celebrate it?

Valentine’s Day celebration is observed every year on February 14th.

Some people say the day is dedicated to expressing love and affection to those closest to us, whether it be a significant other, family member, or friend. But for some Christians, celebrating Valentine’s Day can be an uncomfortable decision for them to take because they see it as a worldly event.

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The Story of David and Goliath: Great Lessons for Today’s Christians

Lessons from David and Goliath story

The story of David and Goliath is one of the most well-known and beloved stories in the Bible. It is a story of courage, faith, and determination, and it has many lessons that can be applied to our own lives today.

The full record of the story can be found in the book of First Samuel chapters 17 through 18. It is about a young shepherd boy who, with the help of God, defeats a giant warrior in a one-on-one battle.

The story begins with the Israelites and the Philistines, two neighbouring nations, locked in a bitter conflict. The army of the Philistines was commanded by a powerful a giant warrior known as Goliath.

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The Purpose of Christmas and the Great Power Behind it

The purpose of Christmas. 

The power of love.

The Purpose of Christmas

At this time of the year, we must talk about the purpose of Christmas. As you probably know, “If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.

Come to think of it, Christmas means different things to different people. But it does not mean everyone is correct in their own right.

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The Holy Spirit & You: Understanding the Holy Spirit’s Work in the Believer/Unbeliever

The ministry of the Holy Sirit in a believer or unbeliever

What can we say about the Holy Spirit and you? Whether you are a believer or an unbeliever, does the Holy Spirit have any work He does in you?

Before we begin addressing the above questions, let us seek an understanding of the two entities mentioned in the topic: the Holy Spirit and you.

In that respect, two vital questions come to mind here:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  •  Who are you?
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Importance of Tribute: 5 Good Reasons for Writing a Tribute Speech

Reasons for writing a tribute speech. importance of tribute.

What is the importance of tribute? Why should you consider writing a tribute speech? 

Is it worth the effort writing a tribute speech to a beloved family member, an adorable mentor, a trusted friend, a notable administrator, a hardworking teacher, and any other important personality?

My answer to that question will be a resounding “yes.”

If you want to know why writing a tribute speech is that important, you will find out from this post.

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How To Write A Tribute For Any Occasion

write a tribute.

What does a tribute mean? Who can write a tribute? What can you include in a tribute?

Do you want to learn how to write a tribute for any occasion? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place because that’s exactly what I want to show you in this article.

What is a tribute?

One meaning of tribute is that it is “an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration” to someone.

From the above definition, you can see that a tribute can come in any of three forms:

  • A tribute can come as an Act.
  • A tribute can come as a Statement (spoken or written).
  • A tribute can also come as a Gift (in kind or cash).
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False Prophets: 7 Irresistible Things You Should Know About Them

7 Things You Should Know About False Prophets

As there are true prophets of God in the world, so there are also false prophets around. And if there are false prophets, how do we differentiate them from the true ones?

A false prophet pretends to be from God when he or she is not, whereas a true prophet is the one sent from God. While a true prophet speaks messages from God, a false prophet speaks messages that do not originate from God but wants you to believe that they are from Him.

What other things should you know about false prophets?

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Why Timeless Contents Are More Helpful To Your Blog Than Timely Contents

timeless content

When it comes to writing blog posts, you can choose to write timely contents or go for timeless contents. The third option will be to write a combination of both categories of posts. If your blog is not a news channel, writing timeless posts will be more helpful to your blog than writing timely posts.

What are timely contents?

Timely posts can be referred to as the contents you write about trending events, people, places or things. They are the posts you write to lend your voice to current conversations.

They are good sources of short-term traffic to your blog. But they soon fizzle out in relevance.

Examples of the timely contents I have written on this blog are:

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Next Level Blogging: Time To Go Selfhosting

Go selfhosting from to

The time has come to take this blog to the next level. And the way I have figured out to do it is to go selfhosting with the blog. I will explain the plan in a moment but please allow me first to take you on journey of how it all began.

I started this blog in 2015, in February to be precise. That was the month I published the very first post on the blog.

However, before that moment, I had created the WordPress account on impulse way back like four months earlier.

At that time, I knew next to nothing about blogging in general and niche blogging in particular. But I had a clear purpose of what I wanted to achieve with the blog.

What was my purpose of starting the blog?

I started the blog for two main reasons:

1. To share my thoughts with the world.

2. To hone my writing skills.

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Kidnapped For Ransom: A Personal Experience –  Part 10 (Conclusion)

And as basic as that meal was, we ate it with thanks while hoping for the best – that we would soon breathe an air of freedom again. Little did we know what else the kidnappers’ had in mind.

An offer to the other hostages

As two representatives of my family set out from home on the journey to deliver the ransom to my captors, the kingpin turned to the other two hostages in the camp and made them an offer.

“You, talk to your family again,” he said to them. “If they can make up the ransom raised so far to five million Naira and are able to bring the money to meet up with the time this guy’s family (pointing to me) will be delivering their own money to us, we will release you together with him. If it exceeds today, you will have to pay the full ransom to regain your freedom.”

I was elated to hear the offer to the other hostages: another reduction of the ransom demand – from ten million Naira demand to five million…

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Kidnapped For Ransom: A personal Experience –  Part 9

 kidnapped for ransom

While I was there thinking about my regaining my freedom and the articles I would write thereafter, the weather began to change dramatically. The thick gathering cloud was a sure sign of impending heavy rain. The heavy downpour of the previous day made my body suffer a lot under the harsh weather. Will that kind of physical suffering continue today again? “Oh God, please have mercy,” I prayed. The 9th part of the story of my being kidnapped for ransom follows below.

Let there be no rain again, Lord

Before I knew it, the forest environment had become dim. The rays of the Sun were no more penetrating through the foliages with their bright lights as they previously did.

All the weather signs showed that another heavy down downpour was imminent. And I wasn’t ready for the severe cold the change in weather could bring.

My mind went back to the heavy rains that fell the previous day which made us suffer untold hardship. Another rain in the forest would mean that our suffering under the treacherous weather would continue in the present day.

The thought of that alone made me feel immensely uncomfortable. So I had to pray an emergency prayer:

“God, we suffered so much yesterday because of the rains. Please don’t let that suffering continue today. Let there be no rain again till we leave this place.”

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Kidnapped For Ransom: A Personal Experience –  Part 8

As usual, the phone was set on speaker mode, so everyone on ground was in on the conversation I had with my wife. It was that conversation that reminded me of something that made me have a moment to shed some tears that morning. But then I would soon realise that crying while being held hostage can earn you multiple slaps on the head. Welcome to 8th instalment of the story of my being kidnapped for ransom.

Why I shed some tears

Something dawned on me a as I finished talking with my wife on the phone that morning: that Thursday was when my late elder brother would be lying in state at our family compound before the final interment, on the same day.

I was meant to be there in flesh and blood to pay him my last respect and also join my other siblings to give him a befitting burial. But there I was in a thick forest far away from home, held against my will by AK-47 gun-wielding Fulani men who think that taking people hostage for ransom payment is a proud business to make a living from.

“So I will not be there to witness the burial of my late brother who was like a father to me?” I soliloquized.

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Kidnapped For Ransom: A Personal Experience –  Part 7

Real life story of kidnapping for ransom.

After dishing out the unsolicited pieces of advice, the kidnappers mandated the so-called good-for-nothing-man with his driver to escort the Papa out of the forest. Hopefully, they would lead him till he reunites with his family and then both of them can walk to their freedom as well. We, the three remaining hostages, bade them farewell while our own fate still hanged in the balance.

Time to share the booty

Thanks to the huge ransom collected on the papa’s head, the kidnappers were visibly delighted and they became more favourably disposed towards us. They began talking to us in warmer tones than before, telling us that if our families would cooperate with them just like the Papa’s family did, we too would regain our freedom.

They didn’t have any wild celebrations after collecting the ransom. Perhaps, they felt it wasn’t time to celebrate yet or they wanted to remain focused on their mission of collecting ransom from all the remaining hostages. Either way, they were fully in control of the situation.

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Christmas Celebration: One Vital Thing some People often Forget

Th reason we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is by far one of the most celebrated events every year. But if you take a closer look at it, you will observe that many people who celebrate Christmas often forget one vital thing about it.

What is that one important thing people always miss out from the Christmas celebration? I will get to that in a moment. But first, let’s take a look at how people celebrate Christmas.

How do people celebrate Christmas?

Just like most people, I knew from childhood that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. But the whole essence of celebrating it was lost on me until I grew older.

As far as I was concerned then, Christmas was mostly about my parents buying special clothes for me, eating favourite meals (usually richer than one would eat on ordinary days), visiting family and friends, and receiving gifts.

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Kidnapped For Ransom: A Personal Experience – Part 6

As the rains subsided, we became relieved of the massive cold we were experiencing. The rays of the Sun began to sift through the canopies of the trees towering above us unto the forest floors. And we felt warm in our bodies as the wet clothes clinging tightly to our frames began to dry out.

When the ransom was reduced

The leader of the kidnappers’ gang started to engage us in more conversations while the rest of them kept guard over us with their AK-47s consistently pointed at us as the stench of their cigarette smoking pervaded the air.

Surprisingly, he left the circle of his fellow kidnappers and sat a few feet away from where we were, talking to us in turns. The Papa in our midst was the first focus of his attention.

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Kidnapped For Ransom: A Personal Experience – Part 5

Kidnapped for ransom - A personal story of a kidnapping survivor.

This post is the fifth instalment of my story of being kidnapped for ransom.

For the rest of the day, negotiations continued between the kidnappers on one side and the respective families of the hostages on the other. In the meantime, we had some avenues to steal some more conversations amongst ourselves, one of which was concerning food.

Is there no food in the kidnappers den?

I asked one of the guys whom we were told were kidnapped before us, “Have these people (referring to the kidnappers) given you anything to eat since they held you?”

“No,” he replied to me. “We have not eaten since they kidnapped us.”

From what I gathered from the kidnappers, this guy with the other two men was kidnapped on Saturday. That was two days before we were kidnapped on Monday afternoon.

“And they haven’t eaten?” I wondered.

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Kidnapped For Ransom: A Personal Experience – Part 4

Kidnapped for ransom, the story continues.

You are reading the fourth part of my story of being kidnapped for ransom.

Despite the dawning of a new day, I continued to lie facedown but remained fully aware of the goings-on in the environment, waiting to dance to whatever music the kidnappers would play for us next.”

Kidnapped for ransom: contacting our families

That early morning, the kidnappers made all hostages call their families and friends. The calls were in respect of the ransom amount they demanded on each of us.

The other hostages were first attended to before it came to my turn. I would later realise that the kidnappers didn’t use their own phone lines to contact the families of their hostages; they made use of the phones of their victims.

My phone had been taken from me since the previous day. And I had lost any hope of ever having it back with me again. Other hostages were also dispossessed of their phones.

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Blogging Milestone: One Hundred Thousand Awesome Views, Still Counting

It has been a long time since I celebrated any blogging milestone. But this one is so huge that I’m not going to let it slide by.

WordPress just notified me that my all-time blog views have crossed the 100,000 mark. I received the notification on October 1, 2021.

However, I had noticed a day earlier that my blog’s viewership has surpassed the one hundred thousand thresholds.

To say that I’m excited about it is an understatement. So I’m here sharing the news with you not to brag but to show my gratitude for the achievement.

Yes, it’s an achievement but I’m not gloating about it. I’m just happy and grateful.

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